Act Locally

Your Surrey Quays shop wants to do its best to engage with local actors and give them all the visibility they need. Of course, always linked to sport, we want to make tomorrow a better world.

Here are some of the projects we are currently working on! For most of them, it is possible to make donations in shop, so don’t hesitate to call the shop if you want more information!


Work with FW11

FW11 - Fitness

We are pleased to work with FW11 Fitness. You can drop off your unwanted fitness clothes (or maybe you have too many in your wardrobe?) to contribute to FW11, which collects sportswear and redistributes it to people who want to start exercising but don’t have the necessary equipment. 

A box is waiting for you at the entrance of the shop, just after the welcome desk. 

Local ideas to act sustainably

Acting locally for the planet

Environmental protection is a subject that is being discussed more and more frequently, because it concerns us all. Preserving the well-being of our planet has become a vital issue for people. We therefore propose you some local ideas to act sustainably for the planet and linked to sport: 
– Participation in the World Clean Up Day every September
– Possibility to recycle inner tubes (more information at the workshop)
– Recycling tennis balls (in the tennis department or at the entrance of our rooftop) 
– Battery recycling (located at the entrance of your shop).
Acting locally for the planet - Decathlon

Single Homeless Project

Partnership with SHP

In the same spirit as FW11, we also support Single Homeless Project locally. We are very happy to support them in their plans to help homeless people get into sport by also equipping them with the right products. We deeply believe that sport is a real way of sharing, so give a homeless person the chance to get into sport and express themselves through sport. A box is also waiting for you at the entrance of the shop! We collect sportswear for SHP.

For MUGA regulars and fans

Tennis ball recycling

For MUGA regulars and fans of the little yellow ball, we offer to recycle your used tennis balls. In front of the MUGA door, you will find a box in which to put your tennis balls that you no longer use. Don’t hesitate to drop by and talk about it with your friends. These balls are then sent back to our warehouse where they are all recycled. There is also a box in the tennis section of the shop. 

tennis ball recycled